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Yuuki Soft 2

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Yuuki Soft

Sizes of the cup

Small cup (number 1)
  • length 67 mm
  • width (average) 42 mm
  • capacity 24 ml
  • capacity to the safety ring 13 ml

Large cup (number 2)
  • length 75 mm
  • width (average) 47 mm
  • capacity 37 ml
  • capacity to the safety ring 25 ml

Before you order the cup Yuuki, consider which size of the cup will be the most suitable for you.

Cup sizes are marked numerically. Size one is smaller one designed for girls and women before childbirth.

The cup two (bigger one) is designed for all women after childbirth. For women having a regular sex life and for women older 28 years.

Size is marked at the top of each cup (opposite the inscription Yuuki) by number 1 or 2.

Accurately determine the size of the cup for every woman needs is impossible. Values are only orientational and depends on several factors. If you are unsure, we recommend that you buy a large cup. When the cup is too large you can save it for later use and buy the smaller cup.

Used cup is not possible to exchange because of hygienic reasons.

Menstrual cup Yuuki comes with innovation. At the request of our customers, we introduce a menstrual cup SOFT. Menstrual cup SOFT is softer and determines women for who is not suitable the menstrual cup CLASSIC.

Menstrual cup Yuuki

Menstrual cup Yuuki is produced by a Czech - EU company specializing in health care products. This company belongs to the world leaders of this field. Material of Germany producer from which the cup is manufactured, branded silicone is the highest quality approved for use in health care and food industries.

The menstrual cup is produced in the operation "clean room" for the production of medical products. This department is equipped with a separate entrance, antistatic flooring and air conditioning machines. This specialized workplace prevents any risk of contamination. All manufacturing and control processes are carried out in full compliance with the required standards of ISO 9001 requirements.

The menstrual cup is not news to the world. The first patent of this sanitary aid was granted at the beginning of the last century in the United States. Unfortunately, at that time there was not yet the available material suitable for production. Today's materials fully comply with physical requirements. Today, the cup is a completely normal menstrual hygienic aid throughout the western world.

Advantages of Yuuki:

  • Economical profitability (returnability of the amount used to purchase cup is up to 8 - 12 months)
  • Total comfort during use.
  • Health certificates documented. Yuuki cup doesn't contain dyes and phthalates.
  • Long life.
  • Excellent for travel and sports activities of all kinds.
  • Greenness - a woman consumes thousands of pads and tampons in the course of life - some 600 kg of un-recyclable waste.
  • EU product from a specialist in the manufacture of medical components.
  • Technical solutions that will provide you only the menstrual cup YUUKI. Our cup is unique, in particular, with a ring located inside of the cup to prevent spillage during handling content and completely original practical packaging. Cover is solid and prevents any deformation of the cup during transportation (eg purse).


Time Service

  • Free shipping from 150.-



Time Service

  • Free shipping from 150.-

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